Orazio Gentileschi’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Over the past years, art lovers have acclimatised to experiencing works of art through digital platforms and significant developments have been made in this field. Post covid, with the return of travel and in person viewings, it has become apparent that the technical ways of viewing art have become ingrained in our appreciation, study, learning and overall viewing experience of an artwork. With this in mind, Colnaghi & Factum are determined to bring to their clients a marriage of the highest quality of viewing experience and technical insight.

With our presentation of Orazio Gentileschi’s famous Rest on the Flight into Egypt for London Art Week 2022, we are delighted to have combined forces to provide unparalleled access to the secrets held beneath the painted surface. Visitors to Colnaghi’s London gallery and digital platforms will be able to easily navigate to a multi-layered digital presentation of high resolution, infra-red, ultra-violet and 3D imagery.